Infinite Banking Concept

Be Your Own Banker

Unleash the power of Infinite Banking ThRough  insurance

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  • Access to money you need when you need it without regard to changing bank lending standards
  • Access to your money without having to justify why you need the money
  • Protect your money from taxes
  • Protect your money from a public bank bail-in or confiscation during a financial crisis
  • Protect your money from creditors
  • Be your own banker – not only can you loan yourself money you can act like a bank to others, loaning money and charging interest
  • You make the interest on loans, not your bank
  • Alternative to savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit
  • Be prepared financially for an emergency

How it works

Infinite banking is a process that works with a specially designed life insurance policy, it is not the life insurance policy itself. At GoInsurancePAL we teach and guide you about the infinite banking concept so you can benefit from the power of life insurance today and be independent of the banking system. The first step to implementing the infinite banking concept is to acquire a particular type of life insurance policy with a particular type of insurance company. However having the right type of insurance is not enough. From there you need training on how to implement the infinite banking process with that policy.

At a high level, with infinite banking you take loans from the insurance carrier’s general account, leaving the contribution you make to the policy untouched and earning interest and potentially dividends as well. Unlike borrowing from a 401(k), you are not borrowing money from your contributions but against the cash value of your insurance policy. This has the twin benefits of giving you immediate access more money now and allowing your contributions to continue growing and compounding in value.

You can use the money you “borrow” to pay for anything you want from paying off debt, buying real estate, investing, or even buying a car.  The benefit of infinite banking is that once your system is set up you are free to access as much money from your limit as you want to spend how you want without having to going through a lengthy underwriting process, credit and background checks and more.  You are effectively no longer dependent on the banking system to access money.




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