Who We Are

At GoInsurancePAL we help you to secure your life, health, money and wealth. We do this by finding or creating unique insurance products to meet your personal goals.

“At GoInsurancePAL we don’t sell insurance, we help you build the lifestyle you want – and deserve.”

Rather than try to sell you a generic off-the-shelf policy we work with you to understand your goals. Then, we explain the options that can help you meet your goals. It’s your choice to make. Often, our clients are surprised to see us increase their total benefits while reducing their total out-of-pocket costs – all tax free.

Think of us as your coach. In life, like sports, to win you need to have both a strong offense and a strong defense. We explain how you can have strong offense and strong defense, not the cheapest defense that won’t meet your needs when you need it most. Like a good coach, we teach you, giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions.

GoInsurancePAL is independently owned and operated. This allows us the freedom to work with many insurance carriers to find the best recommendations for you.

In 2011 Keith Hatchett founded GoInsurancePAL after getting sick of seeing insurance agents take advantage of people and selling the wrong products for their needs.  It’s motivated Keith to create new products, like his solution to the Affordable Care Act.  Keith’s caring for his customers goes beyond insurance. Since then Keith and GoInsurancePAL have continued to lead the way innovating insurance products to best serve the needs of his clients.


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  • Term Life
  • Universal Life (Tax Free Retirement)
  • Whole Life
  • Life Insurance with Living Benefits
  • Dividend Paying Whole Life
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Annuities
  • HO4 Renters Insurance
  • Premium Finance Life Insurance
  • Legal Shield
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Buy Sell Agreements
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Split Dollar Plans

We also have surplus lines insurance.

GoInsurancePAL is your Protection Against Liability

Increase Benefits. Lower Costs.

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Meet our Founder

Founder and CEO

Veteran Insurance guru Keith Hatchett started GoinsurancePAL in 2011 after spending more than 20 years in the world of health insurance, life insurance and financial planning. Since he launched GoinsurancePAL, the company has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, Keith has thousands of clients with a persistency rate of over 95%. This is unheard of in this industry. Keith created the first ever program in the United States that basically eliminates the problems with “The Affordable Care Act” also known as ObamaCare. He developed a system that lowers the monthly premium of health insurance 50% all while increasing the benefits 100%. In addition his system teaches you not only how to get someone else to give you the money to pay your deductible but also teaches you how to receive a large amount on money to pay your other bills (monthly expenses) when you can’t. These dollars come into your account “tax free.” This process is called “Hatchettization” or the act of “Hatchettizing” your health insurance program. Not only does this program lower the costs and raise the benefits but it also provides insurance agents with two commission checks and is a one of a kind program that incentivizes agents to do the right thing for their clients without a cut in pay. system. Many people and organizations have recognized Keith as the top insurance man in America.