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We’ll be your guide to easily find the right health insurance

Health insurance, also called medical insurance, covers all or part of the policyholder’s medical expenses. Health insurance policies can be funded privately or by tax payers.

The premium paid on a privately funded police depends on risk. The less health risk a person has, the less the premium could be. If the policyholder is high-risk, the premium could be much higher. Most health insurance policies require that the potential policyholder first submits to a medical examination.

The GoInsurancePAL team will go over all your options to find the best plan for you.

We’ll be your guide to easily find and obtain the right health insurance


Let the experts at GoInsurancePAL guide you in finding the health insurance coverage that fits your and your family’s needs. Our team will go over all the options available to you and find the best plans, with the best premiums, to make sure that not only are you covered, but that you have the best coverage available at the best price. When you choose GoInsurancePAL, we will help you to better understand how the right health insurance will work for you and your family.

Health Insurance FAQs

What is a PPO discount?


What is accident and injury insurance?

How much does Health Insurance cost?
We have a unique way to save you 50% on your medical insurance and increase your benefits by use a combination of two insurance policies where once policy has a high deductible and the other policy is designed to cover the deductible. The medical insurance uses co-pays for most any doctor visit and prescriptions

The high deductible medical plan saves you 75 % and then from that savings we use 25% to purchase a $500,000 term life insurance policy with living benefits. The result is you pay 50% less and get more coverage. This is possible because we’re using 2 different insurance companies to each of the policies.

These policies are good for any from an individual to small businesses and large corporations.

Of course, as with any insurance policy the details of your situation matter

Does age play a factor and do I need a physical to apply?
Medical insurance coverage is for people who are 64 ½ years old and younger. No physical is required and preexisting conditions are covered under the medical insurance plan. If you are healthy a simple health questionnaire is all that is needed for the term life insurance with living benefits policy.
Can I choose the healthcare professionals or is there a healthcare network?
Most of the policies we sell are POS or PPO, both of which allow you to choose your provider. However, if you require a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, your plan will be part of more restricted network. We work with several carriers to find the best plan for your situation in the state you live.
What does Health Insurance cover?
Health insurance covers most medical problems, with some exclusions – injury received in the commission of a crime, act of war, cosmetic surgery, maternity unless there is an incisions, and a few others. Coverage an legal requirements are always changing so it pays to check for the latest coverage.

Infinite Banking


With GoInsurancePAL, you can learn the comparison between Infinite Banking and a conventional savings account. Ask us how your assets can grow, what you need to get started and if your money is safe. Our experts can answer all of your questions.

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Health insurance benefits with GoInsurancePAL:


  • Qualified support when you need it
  • Easy to apply
  • Selection of plans to meet your budget
  • Higher benefits
  • Lower price
  • “1-on1-approach” to protecting you and your family
  • Nurturing and caring health insurance experts
  • We make health insurance simple to understand, act and benefit
  • More than just insurance – we care about people

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I contacted GoInsurancePAL as my cash and annuities were not growing at all where I previously had my money. GoInsurancePAL qualified me to start an infinite banking account, and without spending any of my cash value, I was able to take a tax- free policy loan and pay off both of my automobile loans, all of my credit card debt, and I was able to take a policy loan to pay some back taxes without spending any of my own money in my cash value or in my personal public bank accounts. This program works, and I recommend you contact GoInsurancePAL to help you like it did my family and me.

Thomas C. San Antonio, TX

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